I’m Alex Hailman, and this is the website where I share my conlang projects! I’m a grad student at the University of Chicago studying ancient Middle Eastern languages and cultures. Aside from conlanging, some of my other hobbies include sewing, reptile keeping, and roller skating.

An image of Alex, a twenty-something non-binary person with fluffy brown hair, wearing eye makeup, a red and tan robe, and a blue earring.

As an active member of the international constructed language community, I have participated in multiple Relays presented at Language Creation Conferences, given a talk at the digital LCC, contributed to various projects hosted by the r/conlangs Reddit community, and was a guest in a video by popular online creator Artifexian.

My dLCC talk, “Developing a Non-Human Conlang: The Example of C’ą̂ą́r Yâm”
My collaboration with Artifexian