This section is meant to show off more or less completed conlang works of mine, in order to demonstrate my proficiency and experience as a conlanger to potential project commissioners. My philosophy is that a language is never truly finished, but I can still create materials describing or showcasing the language as it is at the time of creation.

The main two types of works that present my conlangs are reference grammars (sometimes including a lexicon) and sample texts. Similar to a reference grammar of a natural language, a conlang reference grammar describes the grammatical structure of the language and any other processes that go into the construction of its words, sentences, and speech. A lexicon is a partial or complete list of words used in the language. A sample text is a text written in the conlang, for which I provide an English rendering and usually an interlinear gloss as well. So far most texts I’ve written in my conlangs are translated from texts in another language, but I do have experience in composing them for specific contexts.

Lastly, I want to introduce two collaborative conlang games or activities that are popular in the online conlang community, to give some context as to where these works come from. Firstly, a conlang relay is a game in which each player in turn is given a text in another player’s conlang, and any documentation, namely grammar and lexicon, required to translate it into their own conlang, then provides the same to the next member of the chain. The appeal of the game is that it works like a game of telephone, with the meaning of the text changing slightly at every step through mistranslations and cultural adaptations. The relevance here is that it provides an incentive to make coherent, presentable reference grammars, many of which are featured here, out of my own internal documentation. It also results in more texts written in my conlangs, even if they don’t always make perfect sense.

The other relevant conlanger activity is the speedlang challenge, in which the community is challenged to make a language with certain features within a given time span, usually a few weeks, and make documentation of its grammar and vocabulary complete with example sentences. This provides me with a resource of documented languages that are complete enough to translate sentences and demonstrates my ability to deliver constructed language content on a deadline.